EV-97 Eurostar

Overseas Wing Failure

Jan 2010

Van's RV6A: Oil Pipe Failure

Maintenance Schedules, EV-97 canopy failure, Taylor Monoplane

Feb 2010

Euroap Fuel System Problem; Twister - control stick failure

Mar 2010

EV97 Eurostar: Material quality issues - Dyn Aeri MCR-01 - Leburg Ignition System

Apr 2010


Check and Check Again

SportCruiser - exhaust problem; Nord NC854S; Europa fuel systems; The heavy landing

May 2010

Vintage Theme for annual Inspector's seminar

Who's in charge - Dyn Aero MCR corrosion update - Ikarus C42: Throttle jamming - Europa EFATO

Jun 2010

Propeller limit swith failure; Pioneer 300 mian undercarraige crack; Fixed-pitch propeller problems; Inspection Systems

Jul 2010

The Three Big Ghost

Cracks, corrosion and wear; Blocked fuel outlet; Brake actuator corrosion; Rudder jammed in flight

Aug 2010

Electrical and Fuel Issues

XAir Falcon Fuel Pump; Tital Mustang Ignition module service bulletin; HiMax burnt out electrical connection; Van's RV9 leaking fuel sender

Sep 2010

Learning the lessons of others' misfortunes; Pulsar XP - fuel pump leak;

Oct 2010

Another Jabiru Jam

Broken exhaust; Rudder Jam during Landing;, P56 Provost T1;


Nov 2010

Tipsy Nipper - Inspection Failure; Jabiru J400 - Loose Plug Caps; RV8 - Rudder Pedals Awry; Murphy Maverick - Cracking at the Tailplane Attachments

Dec 2010