e-Go State-of-the-Art SSDR Attracts Production Funding
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e-Go Aeroplanes has now raised the investment needed to complete the prototype programme, establish production and launch its stylish and efficient, single seat SSDR aircraft.
The investment comes from business’ in the Cambridge area and from Martlet, the investment arm of the Marshall of Cambridge group, providing capital for early-stage technology start-ups.

The two founders, Giotto Castelli and Tony Bishop have been developing the technology for the e-Go since 2007, when they won the State-of-the-Art category of the LAA SSDR design competition. Since then, over 30 (mainly local) organisations and individuals have volunteered expertise and time to create the e-Go. Cambridge is at the heart of the UK’s ‘F1 corridor’ and amongst considerable aerospace composite expertise. The e-Go brings together the best of technology, using a unique, ultralight structure of composite and foam, the efficient and elegant canard configuration, state-of-the-art avionics and a reliable, lightweight Wankel engine.

The prototype is now under construction at the e-Go Centre in Conington near Cambridge, and the first flight is planned for next year, with production to follow near Cambridge soon after. More details and regular progress updates are available on the web-site at www.e-Go.me and on Facebook at e-Go aeroplanes.


For further information, contact: Dr Tony Bishop, CEOe-Go aeroplanese-Go Centre, Conington, Cambridge, CB23 4LR, UK: tony@e-Go.me