High profile kit manufacture DyníAero, goes into Bankruptcy
High profile kit manufacture Dyn’Aero, goes into Bankruptcy



Reports from France suggest that bankruptcy proceedings have commenced against the makers of the successful MCR series of kit and ready to fly light aircraft and microlights, Dyn’Aero. The Commercial Court of Dijon has appealed for potential buyers, who have until midday January 27, 2012 to submit their tenders. It will be known by early March whether or not the company, which at the time of closure had 20 employees, has a future in its present form.

Dyn Aero was started by son of Robin Aircraft founder Pierre Robin, Christophe Robin, in 1992 and the two seat MCR series of ultra fast very lightweight carbon composite aircraft were developed with Michel Colomban. Around 30 MCR01 two seat light aircraft and microlights are flying in the UK.

A four seat version of the aircraft, the MCR4S, has been available for several years and is reported to fly remarkably well on the 100hp Rotax 912, but none are operating in the UK.

Development of a twin Rotax 912 powered aircraft, the Twin-R, pictured above at AERO Friedrichshafen in 2010, was nearing completion with test flying well underway.
Christophe Robin left the company in late 2010 to take up a position with Daher-Socata in Tarbes, the company already suffering from a decline in aircraft sales. Sadly attempts by the new management team to restructure the company and rationalise production have been overtaken by the continuing financial crisis.