ElectroLight2 offers vintage gliders a lift
ElectroLight2 offers vintage gliders a lift

motor glider

Photo courtesy Electravia


Electravia is a French company specialising in the development of electric propulsion systems for aviation. Its latest project, which is its eleventh prototype, is the ElectroLight2 motor glider with the E-MOTOR GMPE 102. The glider is an A60 Fauconnet glider, a wooden-winged, welded mesh airframe design from the late 1950s, initially made six flights with test pilot Samy Dupland at Sisteron (LFNS) in the south of France. Several other members of the five person Electravia team have now also flown the aircraft.

“For us, this motorglider is more a proof-of-concept, showing how our kits of electric propulsion systems (electric engines, controllers, batteries, instruments, propellers) can be implemented on vintage glider's airframes,” said Electravia’s Anne Levrand. “All over the world, there are some old gliders ready for a second life with electric engines.”

The aircraft features a 5.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-polymer battery pack with management system and controller that produces 26 hp and weighs 75 pounds. The motor turns a 47-inch, two-blade E-PROPS propeller. An alternative feathering propeller is currently under development.

Initial test data shows that the ElectroLight2 can fly for one hour, 45 minutes at 65 knots or produce a maximum altitude gain of 9,842 feet at a maximum weight of 694 pounds.

Electravia will be exhibiting the ElectroLight2 at AERO Friedrichshafen in April.