Safety spot articles 2012



January : Stopping trouble on the spotAdvice about Maintenance Schedules; items covered:

Rans S10 - Kimpex Fuel Primer, failure. 
Vans RV10 – Trio Autopilot, drive failure.
Pulsar XP – Structure, fuel vapour dissolving Styrofoam.
DH82A, Tiger Moth – Fuel System, Superflexit fuel hose issue.


February : Cables and SpringsDangers of using a one-sided control system; items covered:

Aeroprakt A22L Foxbat – Structure, serious control flutter.
Pioneer 300 – Structure, addition of gusset in wing.
Pioneer 300 – Undercarriage, fretting on undercarriage operating linkage.


March : What is a Reportable Accident? Advice about reporting accidents; items covered:

Jodel D153 Mascaret – Fuel Filter Blockage.
Pietenpol Air Camper – Old Fuel/New Aircraft.
Jabiru Engine Propeller Attachment - Galvanic Corrosion in Propeller Drive Lugs.


April : Broken ‘Heater’ SpringAdvice about need to familiarise yourself with new machines; items covered:

Pietenpol Air Camper – Carburettor Heater causes engine failure.
Rans S-10 – Restriction in Elevator Control Mechanism.
Ryan PT22 – Aileron bracket crack.
Fuels update - Now that it’s getting warmer!


May : Tailored Maintenance Schedules Advice about the need to do regular maintenance; items covered:

Europa – NSI Subaru Engine – Alternator, failure causes crash.
Superior XP IO-360 A1A2 – Injector Pipe failure.
Vans RV7a – Fuel Leak at fitting.
Jabiru UL – Lift Strut corrosion.


June : Cockpit Decision Making & RehearsalLooking at engineering failures which require fast action by the pilot; Items covered:

Pioneer 300 – Loss of Control on Start-Up.
Glasair Super II RG – Throttle Linkage Failure.
Murphy Rebel Elite – Throttle Cable Failure.


July : Throttle Spring SagaFurther discussions surrounding the options for throttle springs. Items Covered:

Auster Kingsland – Engine Mounting Bolt Failure.
Jabiru SPL – Rudder Control Failure.


August : ‘No Spinner Helped This SpotHighlighting the need for thorough pre-flight inspections after an owner discovers a serious crack on his propeller. Items Covered:

RAF 2000 Autogyro/Warp Drive Propeller – Hub Crack.
FLS Sprint 106 – Alternator Failure.
Rans S6-ES Coyote II – Engine Failure After Take Off.
Glasair IIS RG – Fuel Pipe Failure.


September 2012 : Worrying Corrosion – A Spot in time would have saved a mine of cash.  Items Covered:

Arplast Ecoprop – Severe Corrosion.
Parts Catalogues – Error in the Numbers.
X’Air Hawk – Engine Mount Cracks.
EV-97A Eurostar – Burst Tyre (a bit more to it!).
Montgomery-Bensen – Rotax Oil Cooler Installation.


October 2012 : It’s Crackers – Reinforcing the importance of building into your maintenance schedule regular strip inspections of critical components .. like undercarriages.  Items Covered:

CZAW SportCruiser – Nose Undercarriage Failure.
Europa Trigear – Main Undercarriage Crack.
Europa – Tailplane Torque Tube Clamps Cracking.


November 2012 : Inspection, The Inside Story – More reasons behind the need to strip some components. Items Covered:

Zenair CH601HD – Rudder Bar Failure.
Zenair CH601UL – Engine Failure (In-Line Fuel Filter Restriction)
Dyn Aero MCR-01 – Fuel Filter Failure.


December 2012 : The More You Know - A brief round up of the LAA Inspector Courses held in 2013 and a discussion about the need to keep up-to-date with technical information. Items Covered:

SportCruiser (All Models) – Cracking in the Nosewheel Fork.
Jabiru UL430 – Main Undercarriage Failure.