Vulcan free to fly Daytime IFR
Vulcan free to fly Daytime IFR




The CAA has announced an easing of operating restrictions on the UK’s sole airworthy Vulcan aircraft, allowing the former RAF bomber to now be operated under daytime IFR rules and in IMC; it was previously limited to VFR daytime operations.


The VFR limitation had represented a significant restriction to this historic aircraft built in 1960, and designed to operate at high level in all-weather conditions and with a fatigue-limited airframe not suited to turbulence levels associated with low-level operation.  The aircraft may now operate at altitudes and under flight rules which permit greater degree of safety, fuel efficiency and longevity.


The Vulcan will become the first UK aircraft with a Permit to Fly to be allowed to operate under daytime IFR and in IMC, overturning the previous blanket VFR restriction on all ‘Permit’ aircraft.


The CAA also confirmed that it is engaging with the Light Aircraft Association to enable amateur-built and ex-type certified Permit aircraft - having agreed airworthiness characteristics and suitably equipped - to also be relieved of their day/VFR limitation on a by-aircraft basis.