January : Identify, evaluate, prioritise & mitigate - a balanced approach
to risk management


February : Reportable incidents 2017, more hand-starting and mogas issues, ev97 canopy
& j430 undercarriage bolt


March : Jabiru carb heat shroud failure, Pottier in-flight overstress & Sequoia falco flap loss at Vne


April : Rotax pushrods alert, sportcruiser nose leg issue, twister air show engine fail & placards


May : SportCruiser nose legs and tailplane woes on RVs, Eurostar and Zodiac


June : Inspection-triggering incidents, collapsing titch, hidden damage & A tale of two rebels


July : Groppo/Sauer fuel and ignition fail, the MoranE Saulnier on the shore & rotax fuel pressure issue


September : Seasonal changes, Cub rudders, Sensenich hubs, Eurofox tug pedals & Rotax valve pushrods


October : Low-hours propeller inspection protocol, aerotechnik wheels & sportcruiser noselegs


November : Pioneer exhaust failures, arplast prop thrust loss & sinking rotax floats


December : Knee-jerk reactions, tailpipes, Jabiru flywheels and seat harnesses