Exhibitors 2019





A J Aviation - Outside Space

Adams Aviation Ltd - Marquee C

Aerobility - Marquee B

Aerotiques Ltd - Marquee A

Air Ambulance Service - Outside Space

Air Courtage - Marquee A

Aircraft Coverings Ltd - Outside

AFE Online - Outside Space

Andair Ltd - Marquee B

Arkle Finance Ltd - Marquee A

Avalanche Aviation - Outside Space

Aviation Art Contest - Outside Space

AvMap SrI - Marquee B

British Microlight Aircraft Association - Outside Space

Brinkley Propeller Services - Marquee C

Bristell UK - Outside Space

British Gliding Club Association - Outside Space

British Rotorcraft Association - Outside Space

CAA Drones - Drone Tent

Cambrai Covers - Marquee B

Camera Corner - Outside Space

CAMit Aero Engines UK Ltd - Outside Space

CFS Aero - Outside Space

Civil Aviation Authority - Outside Space

Dragon Aviation - Outside Space

Eurofox Aviation - Outside Space

Flea Market - Outside Space

Flight Store Pilot Supplies Ltd - Marquee B

Flybox Innovative Avionics - Marquee C

Flyer Magazine - Marquee A

Fly Visuals - Marquee C

Garmin Ltd - Marquee C

GASco - Marquee A

Icom UK Ltd - Outside Space

JK Aviation - Outside Space

LAA Clubs and Struts - Marquee A

LX Avionics - Marquee B

Lambert Aircraft Engineering - Outside Space

LAS Aerospace Ltd - Homebuilders Tent

Metal Seagulls - Outside Space

Parts for Aircraft - Marquee A

Perma- Grit Tools Ltd - Marquee B

Pientenpol Club - Marquee A

Pooleys Flight Equipment - Outside Space

Proptech Ltd - Marquee C

Royal Aero Club Air Racing - Marquee A

Royal Institute of Navigation - Marquee C

SEHT Headsets Ltd - Marquee B

Skycraft Ltd - Marquee C

SkyDemon - Marquee B

Smooth Aviation - Outside Space

Super 70trike - Outside

The Air League Trust - Marquee C

The Airplane Factory Ltd (Sling) - Outside Space

The Europa Club - Outside Space

The Light Aircraft Company - Outside Space

Transair(UK) Ltd - Marquee C

uAvionix Corporation - Marquee B

Vintage Aircraft Club - Marquee A

Visicover - Marquee A