Letter from Sophie-Louise O'Sullivan, Head of the GA Unit at CAA regarding the launch of its new procedure to review the classification of airspace and a reminder of a post-EASA consultation


Dear All


Today, the CAA is launching its new procedure to review the classification of airspace. This procedure will take effect from tomorrow, Tuesday 1 December 2020.


Last October, the Government gave the CAA, as airspace regulator, the function to review airspace classifications and to amend them where appropriate. This new function means that we must regularly consider whether to review the current classifications of airspace, consult airspace users as part of that review, and where we consider a change to classification might be made, amend it in accordance with the new procedure. The new procedure will have three distinct stages: Consider, Review, and Amend.


Earlier this year the CAA sought views on our proposals for this procedure and today we are publishing the outcome of this consultation, explaining how we have taken account of your feedback in the final airspace classification review procedure. The changes made as a result of your feedback include our commitment to a review every two years unless it would be unreasonable for the CAA to do so, in which case we would defer by a maximum of a year.


Three weeks ago the CAA launched UK General Aviation opportunities after leaving EASA - a consultation: This consultation is an opportunity for you to share your views on the direction of future regulation and shape how we work more effectively with you and the UK GA community.


Responses were initially very good but have recently plateaued at the 600 mark. We are working on a range of communications channels to ensure the consultation is available to as broad a GA community as possible. In the meantime could we please ask that you help drive participation in this consultation within your organisations plus use any levers at your disposal to help drive participation to all representatives.



The consultation can be completed here and closes at 2359 on the 18 Dec.


Kind regards,

Sophie-Louise O’Sullivan

Head of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Unit & General Aviation Unit

Safety & Airspace Regulation

Civil Aviation Authority



Light Aircraft Association

1st December 2020