Armstrong-Isaacs Bursary Applications top 60
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With the end of December 2019 came the closing date for applicants to apply for one of five up to £1500 bursaries from the LAA’s Armstrong Isaacs Fund. Fund trustees were astounded to find that no less than 60 applications have been lodged, and work has commenced to select the lucky five recipients and announce them in early February.

The bursaries are intended to help young PPL trainees (up to 30 years of age) through that later stage of the course when cross country navigational exercises mean that two-hour, or longer, lessons are required, with the correspondingly higher costs over a single hour’s lesson. To that end, applicants must already be past first solo, in fact a minimum five hours’ solo is required.

Details of the 2020 bursary application process will be announced in September.


Light Aircraft Association

16th January 2020