AD issued for SAP crankshafts

The FAA have issued FAA AD 2020-25-12 concerning crankshafts produced by Superior Air Parts, which may be fitted to Lycoming or Lycoming-based engines.

At this time, for the LAA administered fleet, the FAA AD is mandatory only for ex-certified aircraft.

Further information will be published in due course.

In the meantime, please read FAA AD 2020-25-12 and check against your aircraft records and the engine itself in case your crankshaft is one of those listed.

Please note, the FAA AD details affected crankshafts by part number and serial number as well as possible engine models.

The serial number should be etched onto the edge of the propeller crankshaft flange.

If you find that your aircraft's engine does have one of the crankshafts affected by this AD, please email to let us know, and in the title put CRANKSHAFT. We're compiling a list of potentially affected aircraft and are researching the various issues surrounding this FAA AD to help us see how this should be managed as the situation develops.