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We will increase some engineering fees; most notably Permit renewal fees from 1st January 2022. While no-one likes a price increase, this is the first increase in Engineering Fees since 2015 and we’ve worked hard to ensure the overall impact on a member’s annual cost of flying is minimal.

The logic behind this is that we have higher engineering staff costs and are facing significantly rising external costs for 2022, including a likely increase in liability insurance premiums to around £130,000 per year. The fee increases, typically costing an LAA aircraft owner just £20 extra per year extra, will help fund engineering restructuring, which will in future give better member service.

Not all fees are increased. Permit renewal fees, category and registration change fees are the only ones affected. Project registration, first issues, transfer from CAA to Permit fees all remain unchanged, as will mod and repair fees.

Please ensure you pay the new fees if you are renewing your Permit after 1st January. A full list of the revised fees is shown below:

A full list of our current fees can also be found on our engineering fees page, here:

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