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LAA Welcomes CAA Announcement on 600kg Sport Aircraft

The LAA welcomes the announcement by the CAA of the recategorisation of microlight aircraft, issued today. Basically it means a new selection of sub-600kg, factory-built sport aircraft can be made available to microlight and light aircraft pilots alike, on a Permit to Fly administered by either the BMAA or LAA,rather than as would previously have been the case, a Certificate of Airworthiness.

Either a new design or variant of an existing type can be certified at a selected weight not exceeding 600 Kg to the amended BCAR Section S code and, providing the manufacturers can gain the necessary CAA design and manufacturing approvals, it can then be supplied as a factory-built aircraft but qualify for a Permit to Fly.

“This is potentially a significant step forward for the recreational aviation market” say CEO Steve Slater. “The changes announced by the CAA are the culmination of several year’s work that have taken place jointly by experts from the LAA, BMAA, CAA and the industry. The Permit to Fly regime offers more flexibility on costs and means that the machines can be maintained and inspected, and have their Permits to Fly renewed annually, by the sporting associations including the LAA, who have a great deal of experience of dealing with aircraft in this class, and have done for many years. We currently oversee more than 300 aircraft in the microlight class”.

The CAA has summarised the regulation changes and what they mean for the community in CAA CAP2163; Reforming the microlight aeroplane category,while further information and a Q&A is available at

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20th August June 2021

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