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Tuesday 26th October 1946 was the date of the meeting which inaugurated the Ultra-Light Aircraft Association, which subsequently became the LAA.

This year, on Tuesday 26th October 2021, we want to mark the 75th Anniversary with a day upon which as many pilots, members or not, simply to get out their aircraft and fly. It doesn’t matter whether this is a permit aircraft, a club Cessna or Piper, a microlight or a warbird. Whether you own or rent, we want flyers (and their friends) to take to the air to celebrate our anniversary.

 Among the initiatives we are planning are:


  • FLY A FRIEND. Have you a spare seat? Why not invite a friend or neighbour to enjoy a first experience of light aircraft flying? If you want we will send you a briefing guide.
  • FLY IN TO TURWESTON.  We’ll host an LAA HQ Open House on 26th October.  We’ll stand the landing fees and refreshments at LAA HQ!
  • PHOTOGRAPH YOUR FLIGHT. We’ll create an LAA 75 Birthday Album. Send us your pictures and we’ll post them on our Facebook page, website and in the LAA magazine! 
  • COMMEMORATIVE LOG BOOK STICKER. Send us the information about your flight and your address, we’ll send you a suitable memento!
  • TELL US ABOUT YOUR SPECIAL FLIGHT. Send us a photo, video or brief notes about your fly-it day. There’ll be a special award for the best one!
  • WHAT ELSE?  We’re still planning. Have you an idea we can use? Drop us a line to!


In recognition that many members have ‘day jobs’ and as a bad weather fall-back (well it will be the British autumn) we’ll also have a second fly-it day on Sunday 31st October. Or, you could use it for a second day’s flying!!

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6th August 2021

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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