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New CAA Exemption For National Licence Holders

The CAA has issued an ANO exemption enabling a UK Registered Single Engine Piston Aeroplane (SEP) or a Touring Motor Glider (TMG) with a UK Part 21 Certificate of Airworthiness or a UK Permit to Fly to be flown by CAA national PPL and NPPL holders within the Privileges of the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL).  The exemption can be found here.

It is noted that the CAA states that the aim of this exemption is to provide scope for licence holders to regain and maintain sufficient short-term currency or to complete differences training specifically associated with UK (G) registered Part 21 SEP aeroplanes or TMGs; it is not intended to facilitate recreational activity. For this reason, it places a limit on the amount of PIC flying that may be conducted under the exemption, which is 12 flight hours.

The exemption is also only valid until 30th June 2021. The LAA has already requested an assurance from the CAA that this exemption be extended and formalised as part of the forthcoming ANO review.

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5th March 2021

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