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The LAA welcomes the establishment of the Airspace4All Trust(A4A-T), which has been established as a charitable trust with the objective of improving the safety of UK aviation, including the efficient and equitable use of airspace for General Aviation users.

The Trust will represent the interests of UK recreational aviation, air sports, private pilots and flight training, including input into the UK’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS) and individual Airspace Change Proposals (ACPs).

“The LAA has been involved in the discussions which have led to the formation of the Trust, which can access professional resources and the funding to pay for them” said LAA CEO Steve Slater. “It will provide a strong and co-ordinated voice on behalf of our sector of aviation. It will enhance safety, promote equitable access to airspace throughout UK, enable collective representation to the UK’s programme for airspace modernisation and further the government’s stated ambition for the UK to be seen as the best place for aviation.”

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