East Kirby Airfield
East Kirby



Combine flying into this historic airfield and make the most of a wonderful opportunity to visit the museum on site (£7.00 adults). Home of the Panton families Avro Lancaster ‘Just Jane’.

The aircraft is on display and is been worked on ready for flight sometime in the future. Taxi runs of the Lancaster are planned during the summer, so join in, and book ahead if you want to have a go. Watch and listen to living history. The runway is both grass and concrete. Please PPR and read the instructions on website www.lincsaviation.co.uk for joining and air traffic  as they are close to RAF Coningsby and RAF Waddington. No fuel available. 


There is a great restaurant, book and gift shop. Avoid East Kirkby village. Safety Com 135.475.


Airfield and museum is closed on Sundays.


Tel: 01790 763 207
Email: enquiries@lincsaviation.co.uk
Website: www.lincsaviation.co.uk