The old fashioned view of LAA was that it was only for people who wanted to build an aeroplane. Well nothing could be further from the truth; the vast majority of our members have never built an aircraft nor ever intend to because all they really want to do is fly. Over a third of LAA aircraft are factory built types, Piper Cubs, Jodels, Luscombes and the like, and you can own and maintain them with all the benefits of the permit system. Likewise you can but a second-hand homebuilt, there is usually an interesting selection available in LAA’s Light Aviation monthly magazine’s classified pages.

Of course building is still part of what we do, but modern kit planes have literally cut down the time it takes to complete an aircraft from years to months.

We hope you are getting the picture that you have a whole bunch of choices with the LAA because we support a whole bunch of options. We even have members designing and building their own aircraft but that doesn’t mean that you have to! You pays your money and takes your choice as the saying goes, confident that whatever you decide to do there will be help and guidance available to ease your path into active participation in the recreational aviation scene – at a price you can afford.   

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