LAA Sywell Rally 2010

Following the successful ‘dress rehearsal’ of the Sywell Revival Rally 2009, the Light Aircraft Association, in conjunction with Sywell Aerodrome, are partnering to deliver a major ..... MORE


Notice of LAA's AGM - 2nd November 2009

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of PFA (Ulair) Ltd shall be held on Saturday 13th February 2010 at LAA headquarters, Turweston Aerodrome, ...... MORE


Postal Strike to delay November Light Aviation magazine 2nd November

We’re sorry that due to the mail strikes, the LA magazine will inevitably be delayed by a few days this month.

Please check here for further updates as the situation progresses.


New Type Progress - 22nd October

The first UK example of a Titan Mustang ... The one and only example of a Quicksilver GT-50 .... The TL 2000 Sting currently at the flight testing stage ..... MORE


Chief Inspector's Update - 8th October

Our LAA inspectors are busy!  This year to date we have received and processed 1,894 Permit to Fly renewal applications.  On top of that, in the same period,....MORE


New interactive guide to radio phraseology for General Aviation Pilots - 8th October

The guide has been launched today and is available on the CAA website. The guide provides easy to follow .... MORE


Airworthiness Alert - 2nd October

Jabiru Engines - Details


AOPA and LAA work together to secure NPPL exemption to Channel Islands 28-Sep-09

Jon Cooke the LAA Pilot Coaching Scheme Chairman and members of AOPA have been involved in ......... MORE

Jacob Hinson - Armstrong/Isaacs Flying Scholarship Winner - Follow his progress on his blog!


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