A Brief by the Light Aircraft Association

This section of the LAA website deals with the NATS consultation on Terminal Control North Airspace Change Proposal.  This proposes a significant expansion of controlled airspace to accommodate new routings for Luton, Stansted and London City.

The consultation document is 5cm thick so we don’t recommend it to you.  The NATS Website tells you about the consultation and has links to online documents.  If you are just interested in the airspace change part then download Annex J which has all you need.  We will try to cover the main issues here so you may not need the documents themselves.

You can read the draft LAA response here.   If you support the LAA response, please say so in your own response to NATS but do include your own personal views on the change.  Please do not copy the LAA words verbatim – if you do NATS may discount your response.

This will all make much more sense with a map.  Click this link to open a chart (3.4Mb) in a new window then you can switch between windows as you go.  The chart shows the new airspace (coloured bits across the top), 4 holds and routings.  Routings are Blue for departures, Red for arrivals as far as the holds and Green from the hold to the runway.  This chart does not show existing routings that are unchanged by the proposal.  You may find it useful to have a ½ million south chart to hand if you have one.

If you want to print this brief out, here is a printer friendly version in pdf form.

Use the links below for information on:

What is it?

The Airspace Change

The Response


Remember the deadline is 19 June 2008 

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