This section of the website deals with a major Airspace Change Proposal in the north London TMA.  The change itself is necessary and we recommend you accept it.  However it is now clear that whilst NATS have set out all the increases in CAS they need to implement this, they have not given up airspace they can do without.  Of course, NATS is a commercial company and has no public remit to minimize the airspace used for commercial purposes but Director Airspace Policy, who will consider this application, certainly does.  He will look at this carefully on the basis of the documents presented to him so if you want to influence this you have to respond.  The more responses the more impact we will have.


First, let’s look at the change from the viewpoint of ATC and commercial operators and pilots.  The growth of Luton, Stansted and City have resulted in really complicated procedures as the various inbound and outbound routes are interwoven with each other and with Heathrow traffic.  Although growth has eased, the north London TMA is a mess and needs to be sorted out.  NATS have been working on this for some time to try to unravel and simplify the procedures and this ACP is the result.  Currently, there are 2 holds for Luton and Stansted, one between Luton and Stansted at LOREL and one to the east at ABBOT.  The plan is to have 3 holds spread across the north and one near Clacton for City, each with routes to the runways. 


If you have not opened the map yet, click this link to open a chart in a new window so you can switch back and forth.  We are satisfied that this is the sensible way to go and in our opinion we should support it.  The holds are at GENLO, BASDO and OLMIT to the north and ROVOK to the east with green lines showing the route from the holds to the runways.


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Remember the deadline is 19 June 2008 

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