Deadline 2nd January 2009


This consultation has been extended as many stakeholders were missed off the original distribution.  If you have not responded, now is your chance. 


Humberside airport is bidding for class D airspace that would extend from the surface to FL65.  The Humber area is getting quite complex now with Doncaster Class D already approved and Scampton with the R313 restricted area to the south.  If Humberside is approved, the Trent valley - Gainsborough/Scunthorpe gap would be the only inland class G route between North and South England and it is bound to be a concentration point for military low level traffic. 


You can view or download their Airspace Change Proposal from the Humberside website.


Although Humberside say “the airport’s traffic has grown rapidly”  the bar chart at Figure 2 in their master plan clearly shows a decline in commercial charter and scheduled movements from a peak of about 9000 in 2002 to about 6500 in 2005, the last date for which they publish figures.  Indeed, the notes to Figure 1 actually say that “aircraft movements have seen a slow reduction since 2002 and even with record traffic movements forecast for 2006 are likely to remain lower than 2001”.  Even their “record forecast” cannot suggest that traffic has increased over 5 years so it seems quite incredible that they should say that controlled airspace is needed because of increased traffic.


They have not considered the effect of Doncaster airport which will take all the business from Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham.  Since the proposal was published XL Airways, the only (partly) based jet operator has failed and flights by other charter companies are unlikely to continue.  


We note that the owners of Humberside, the Manchester Airport Group, are proposing to sell. See page 11 of their annual report for details.


Please look would you respond to the consultation.


If you agree, you may want to note the decline in public transport movements over 5 years and the recent significant worsening of economic conditions which is likely to lead to further reductions in public transport movements in 2009.


You may want to point out the very small Class G airspace that would remain between Humberside, Doncaster and Scampton and the increased risk that would result to transit VFR traffic.


On that basis you may want to oppose the proposal to establish CAS but you might want to invite them to reconsider their position should commercial traffic actually increase to levels that justify CAS.


Please send your response to


The LAA response has already been sent. 


Deadline is 2nd January 2009