Alerts & Current Issues
Alerts & Current Issues

This page provides a list of current consultations and proposed regulatory changes.  We provide a brief description of the item and a link to the source document.  The LAA aims to respond to every consultation on behalf of its members and in their best interest.  Where we think it would be useful for LAA members to respond directly to a consultation we say so and why.  Of course any member can respond to any consultation but some are very technical and require specialist expertise to understand all the issues.  If you want to give the LAA your opinion on any consultation please email us at and we will take that into account.  We aim to post our draft response here when we can but resource constraints sometimes mean there is little time before the deadline.  We will always post our final response here.


Current Issues


Deadline: 9th October 2015
Source: EASA
Title: NPA 2015-08 Light Part-M
Documents: Link to EASA website document here
LAA Lead: KC
LAA Notes:  



Deadline: 12th November 2015
Source: Department for Transport
Title: Civil Sanctions for the Civil Aviation Authority
Documents: Link to DfT consultation document here
LAA Lead: James Tannock

LAA Notes:








This is a very large and complex consultation (Annex A covers several hundred relevant offenses from the ANO and other legislation). 


Through the GA Alliance we opposed the introduction of civil sanction during the passage of the original Bill through Parliament, and still have concerns about their use for matters concerning private pilots. The list of existing CAA sanctions (section 5 of the consultation) shows that the CAA already has a range of appropriate tools at its disposal. We would assert that there has not been a problem, in the regulation of UK private pilots, before this Act. The blanket introduction of a 'flexible and responsive' range of civil sanctions for the vast scope of technical offences listed in Annex A seems to us a recipe for costly and bureaucratic micro-management.


We would like to see a more discriminating approach to the selection of relevant offences from secondary and EU legislation. The large number of offences involved has grown up over many years, no doubt in response to specific events. There are very few aviators who are fully aware of all the several hundred ways in which they might fall foul of the law. Before introducing a new approach to penalise them, there should be a process of review and rationalisation of the relevant secondary legislation.


Status of Notices of Proposed Amendments (NPAs)

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