EU requirements on insurance for aircraft operators [us] became applicable in April 2005 and were implemented in the UK amid some confusion.

Insurance for passengers, minimum levels of third party cover related to MTOM and cover for claims arising from acts of war and terrorism all became mandatory and were bound to make the cost of GA flying higher. Well did they? Rates of airline insurance have apparently dropped by forty percent since implementation of these regulations. I doubt ours have.

The EU Commission is required to report to the EU Counsel and Parliament in early 2008 on the impact of these Regulations and we now have an opportunity to feed back experience and suggestions for change or improvement.

There are real opportunities here to propose changes including reduction of requirements for non commercial operation of aircraft under 2,700kg MTOW –(that’s us) and highlight inconsistencies in application of the regulations between member states, Opinion is also sought on means to minimise impact of the Regulation on heavy historic aircraft such as Sally B – outside our direct remit but encouraging to all aviation enthusiasts.

The Commission consultation document is at:

and there is a link to the EC Regulation.

LAA response can be found here.