Education & training

Youth and education support group

This is a dedicated Club that runs a range of activities for young people by introducing them to aviation and aeronautics. Its website includes curriculum and training initiatives, as well as details of flying scholarships, bursaries and the Build-a-Plane initiative. Contact:


Scout aerocamps

Another example of how we are reaching out to young people. These are run with the aim of completing a Scouting Association approved course that qualifies the Scouts for their Aeronautics, Meteorology and Navigation badges.


Devon youth build-a-plane

This the second Build-a-Plane project where young people are building a light aircraft from a kit, and once complete, they will be able to sample the joy of flight.


Armstrong-Isaacs Foundation

This provides a flying scholarship towards the National private Pilot's Licence on a regular basis to a young member of the LAA. If you are aged 22 or under and want to apply, follow the link below.


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