FAS VFR Implementation Programme (FASVIP)

The Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group (FASVIG) now has its own dedicated website which can be reached at http://www.fasvig.org/


The FAS VFR Implementation Programme documents can be found at http://www.fasvig.org/fasvip


The FASVIP was launched at the Government/CAA/FASVIG GA Event at Duxford on 28th March 2015.Text Box: Inset Logo Image  /FASVIG/  FASVIP_Logo_Full_300x180.jpg

The following documents were presented at the GA Event and can be downloaded here:

FAS VFR Implementation Programme (FASVIP) Document

FASVIP Presentation

FASVIP ACP Info Sheet (Airway Q41 & Solent CTA-6)

FASVIG Info Sheet

FASVIG Volunteer Reply Form