On Tuesday 26th or Sunday 31st October, get airborne to celebrate 75 years of flying for fun!

Tuesday the 26th of October 1946 was the date of the meeting which inaugurated the Ultra Light Aircraft Associaiton, which subsequently became the LAA, and we want to mark the occassion by getting as many LAA members as possible into the air on that day.


Fly-it Day

As the name implies, we’re simply encouraging as many members as possible to get their aircraft out and fly. It doesn’t matter whether this is a Permit aircraft or not. Whether you own or rent, we want members (and their friends) to take to the air to celebrate our 75th Anniversary.


Log it

You can also log your flight for posterity. Enter your name, aircraft details, where you flew from and to. Please feel free to email LAA HQ with any special stories about the flight and photos. We’ll send you a commemorative logbook sticker! We’re also working on a competition for the most unusual / innovative / inspirational flights.


Fly a Friend

The Fly-It Day will offer a great opportunity for you to take a friend flying. Whether it’s a flying buddy, a neighbour, or just somebody you meet on the airfield, why not offer them a flight? If you think it’s worthwhile, we can even send you a certificate that will allow you and them to have a memento.


Fly to LAA HQ

Looking for somewhere to fly to? We’ll be having an LAA HQ Open House at Turweston. We’ll even stand the landing fees and have some refreshments at LAA HQ. You can drop in and meet the LAA team.

Take a Picture

We’ll be creating an LAA 75th Birthday Album. Send us your pictures and we’ll post them on our Facebook page, website and a selection in the LAA magazine!


Fly-it Sunday

We know that many of us still have ‘day jobs’ and we may be at the mercy of the autumnal weather, so we’ll have a fallback ‘Fly-It Sunday’ on 31 October. Turweston will already be busy that day, with a Vintage Aircraft Club Fly-In and AGM, but why not come and join in the fun?


22nd October 2021



Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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