Message to Coaches
Message to Coaches

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Messages from Jon Cooke, PCS Chairman

April 2014

October 2013

April 2013



Notices to Coaches


NTC 03/20 Coach Data Request

NTC 02/20 Submission of revalidation and renewal documentation

NTC 01/20 Coaches Meeting 8 Feb 2020

NTC 02/19 Head of Training

NTC 01/19 Declared Training Organisation

NTC 01/18 Coaching Fees

NTC 02/16 Class Rating Revalidation

NTC 01/16 CRI Seminar - Saturday 17th September 2016

NTC 01/15 LAA Wings Award

NTC 04/14 Training Records

NTC 03/14 Revalidation Examiner

NTC 02/14 LAA Coach CRI Seminar

NTC 01/14 IMC Training

NTC 12/12 LAA E-Learning

NTC 11/12 Changes due to EASA

NTC 10/12 Changes to PCS from 17 Sep 2012 : this is superseded by NTC11/12
NTC 09/12 LAA Seminar

NTC 08/12 Revalidation Examiner Privileges
NTC 04/12 CAP 804: Flight Crew Licensing 
NTC 03/12 LAA Registered Facility / Approved Training Organisation
NTC 02/12 Changes to CRI Revalidation requirements under EASA
NTC 01/12 Annual Update
NTC 03/11 Differences Training for Coaches
NTC 02/11 Training in aircraft with brakes at P1 position ONLY
NTC 01/11 Information about Coaches
NTC 06/09 PCS Exemption Resource
NTC 05/09 Flight Examiners Resource
NTC 04/09 Information for Revalidation Examiners
NTC 03/09 Differences Training
NTC 02/09 Coaching on Microlights
NTC 01/09 Examiner Number



Instructional Techniques Resource - Available soon!
Revalidation Examiner Resource - Available soon!


LAA Class Rating Revalidation Flight Summary
LAA PCS Exemption 
R Examiner Exemption
SRG1119E - Class Rating Revalidation
SRG2199 - Examiners Report

Flight Planning

Met Office file
NATS Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) file
Sky Demon Light file
CA48 Flight Plan
On-line Resources

EASA Basic Regulation
CAP 393: Air Navigation: The Order and the Regulations
CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual
CAP 766 Light Aircraft Maintenancet
CAP 804: Flight Crew Licensing: Mandatory Requirements, Policy and Guidance
UK AIP - Aeronautical Information Publication
UK Aeronautical Information Circulars

Coaching Scheme Leaflets

CSL 3.1 Becoming a Coach 
CSL 3.2 Class Rating Revalidation
CSL 3.3 Class Rating Instructor Revalidation
CSL 3.4 Class Rating Instructor Course (available on request)
CSL 3.5 Class Rating Revalidation Flow Chart
CSL 3.6 Area of Responsibility
CSL 3.7 Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups
CSL 3.8 LAA Student Record
CSL 3.9 Pilot Revision Form
CSL 3.10 Free BFR Offer to New Members- No longer applicable

CSL 3.11 English Proficiency

CSL 3.12 EASA Transition

Flight Training Videos

178 Seconds Resource
LAA Registered Facility / Approved Training Organisation

PCS Coaching Manual 
PCS Operations Manual Resource
PCS Training Manual Resource
Safety Management System Manual

Light Aircraft Association
Civil Aviation Authority