Promotion of good airmanship and improvement of standards have been the cornerstone of the Pilot Coaching Scheme since its inception, and the LAA has as one of it’s goals the “encouragement and training of recreational pilot skills”. Our vision for the Pilot Coaching Scheme is to provide LAA members with all “recreational flying” training needs beyond the ab-initio stage. The Civil Aviation Authority has been fully supportive of the Pilot Coaching Scheme and its aims thus far, and we look forward to the scheme evolving to fully meet your needs.


The Pilot Coaching Scheme courses have been designed to fulfil the needs of most of our members: Type Conversion, Tail-wheel Conversion, Differences Training, Strip Flying, General Flying, and Biennial Reviews. Of course, should you desire training in a particular skill or area, then the Pilot Coaching Scheme will be able to help. However experienced you are, you may benefit from refresher training such as “Practice Forced Landings”, “Stalling” and “Crosswinds”; these are some of the exercises PFA Coaches are glad to assist you with in order to build your confidence and competence.


The training available to members of the Light Aircraft Association has continued to expand with changes in the needs of our members and the introduction of new legislation. I have produced a number of leaflets which describe some of the training you can carry out with the Pilot Coaching Scheme. More details of each course are also available from your local coach and LAA Head Office.


I should point out that this training is available to those with C of A aircraft or LAA Permit aircraft; all we ask that you are a LAA member in order to benefit.


Therefore, please spread the word that this training is available to those outside of the Permit system.


Happy landings!