PCS frequently asked questions

I have attempted to compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered, please contact either the Chairman, National Coach, or Head Office, where we hope to be able to assist.


I will add more questions and answers soon.


What does the Pilot Coaching Scheme Do?
The PCS conducts training for LAA members. The courses we offer are typically Tailwheel Conversions, Type Conversions, Strip Flying Diploma, General Flying Diploma, Differences training and Biennial Reviews and General revision.


Are PCS Coaches CAA qualified instructors?
All PCS Coaches are either Full Flying Instructors or Class Rating Instructors issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.


Can you sign my Certificate of Revalidation?
All PCS Coaches are “R” examiners, and can sign your Certificate of Revalidation providing you comply with the experience requirements.


How do I find my nearest coach?
Contact details for your nearest coach can be found here. Most of the coaches are prepared to travel a reasonable distance to assist you with your training. If you cannot find a suitable coach nearby contact Jon Cooke (PCS Chairman) or Will Greenwood (National Coach) if you have any difficulty.


Can I learn to fly in a LAA permit aircraft?

See Technical Leaflet TL 2.09