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NPPL Website

Civil Aviation Authority

The aim is to give pilots a one-stop reference for all aspects of safe aeroplane operation. The LAS section brings together in one easily understandable book all the flight crew licensing information otherwise found in JAR-FCL, the UK ANO, AICs and the old CAPs 53/54.
CAP413: Radio Telephony Manual
The UK Radiotelephony Manual (CAP 413) aims to provide pilots and Air Traffic Services personnel with a compendium of clear, concise standard phraseology and associated guidance for radiotelephony communication in United Kingdom airspace.
UK Airspace Classification
Guide to Visual Flight Rules in the UK
North & Scotland Frequencies reference card
Southern Frequencies reference card
1:500,000 Map Legend information
Things to do before you fly
Source for UK AIP, AIP Supplements, Aeronautical Information Circulars (AICs) and NOTAMs. Requires user registration.
Fly On Track
JAR Publications
JAR-FCL 1 contains information relating to Pilot Licensing
CAP393: The Air Navigation Order 2005
GASIL: General Aviation Safety Information Leaflet
Produced monthly, containing relevant information to aircraft owners and operators.
CHIRP: Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting System
Excellent magazine, Feedback, is produced on a quarterly basis.
A quick fun quiz for students and licensed pilots to test their knowledge of RTF phraseology.
Going Abroad
Flight Plan
Guide to completing a VFR Flight Plan
Weather To Go?
Met Office Briefing : Requires log-in details, but free to register and use
All Met Sat : Read disclaimer