After receiving requests for such a service from LAA members, LAA can now provide a PO Box aircraft registration contact address and mail forwarding service to LAA aircraft owners who do not want to have their contact address displayed on the CAA aircraft register and CAA G-INFO website.


The ‘G-INFO c/o LAA’ PO Box address application form should be completed and submitted to LAA by email, following the notes on the application form (also listed below), including the payment for the service.


Fees are detailed on the application form and below.


Please note that either the owner’s individual name or a named trustee of a group or syndicate is still required, it is only the address that can be changed to reflect the involvement of the LAA and therefore removing any relevant address from the contact details.


The result shown on G-INFO should be in the following format:


John Bloggs


c/o LAA

PO Box 7956


NN13 9DD


Or, for a syndicate:


John Bloggs

Trustee of: FlyNice Group


c/o LAA

PO Box 7956


NN13 9DD


The registration is required as part of the address to allow mail to be forwarded unopened whilst ensuring it is posted to the correct member.




* This facility is only available for aircraft that are administrated by the LAA.

* Applicants must be current members of the LAA. Owners must inform the CAA of the address change. 

* The owner’s name is still required, either by individual name or as a named trustee for the aircraft group/syndicate.

* Contact address should be changed to: ‘G-xxxx, c/o LAA, PO Box 7956, Brackley, NN13 9DD’.

* Once the contact address has been changed, submit a completed copy of the form to LAA and make the payment.

* Fees are to be paid annually thereafter and must have been made prior to the aircraft’s Permit to Fly revalidation.

* The annual fee must have been paid before any post can be forwarded.  

* LAA must be informed of any changes to the forwarding contact details. 

* Fees may be reviewed at any time. 

* Forwarded mail is sent via Royal Mail (to UK addresses only) and at the member’s risk.





For payments (after confirmation received from CAA of address change)


Aircraft Owned by a Single Owner/Single Trustee: £15.00 per year covering up to 3 items of UK letter class post forwarded in that year.


Aircraft Owned by Multiple Owner/Multiple Trustees: £25.00 per year covering up to 5 items of UK letter class post forwarded in that year.


Additional Mail Items: £5.00 each UK letter class items; other items as charged as required.



Application form in MS Word

‘G-INFO c/o LAA’ PO Box address application form (MS Word)



On completion, the form should be emailed to


June 2021