NTC 03/12 LAA Registered Facility / Approved Training Organisation Resource
NTC 03/12 LAA Registered Facility / Approved Training Organisation Resource

LAA Registered Facility / Approved Training Organisation

Training conducted under the auspices of the LAA Pilot Coaching Scheme is currently regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority through our approval as a Registered Facility. As we transition to EASA there are a number of changes highlighted by the CAA which may be applicable to LAA Coaches.

The EASA Aircrew Regulation stipulates that training for issue and renewal of Part-FCL licences and ratings must be carried out within an Approved Training Organisation. The LAA Pilot Coaching Scheme is actually operated in accordance with CAA regulation as a Registered Facility and will become compliant with EASA Part-ORA as an Approved Training Organisation.

Information Notice IN-2012/071 highlights the requirement for independent instructors to apply to become Registered Facilities. For LAA Coaches this is NOT required, as you are registered with the CAA as instructors within the Light Aircraft Association Registered Facility/Approved Training Organisation.

Responsibility for maintenance of the required documentation and approvals is with LAA Head of Training. Your responsibility as an appointed LAA instructor is to ensure that any training conducted under the LAA ATO is properly recorded and documented. This includes completion of training records, and returns to LAA Head Office. The CAA may audit documentation and records held at Head Office as a part of our approval, or indeed aircraft paperwork and your personal logbook.

There is no need for LAA Coaches to become a Registered Facility as suggested by Information Notice IN-2012/071 as all coaches are already registered under the LAA Registered Facility/Approved Training Organisation.




Jon Cooke

Head of Training and Pilot Coaching Scheme Chairman

Light Aircraft Association Ltd