NTC 02/09 Coaching on Microlights Resource
NTC 02/09 Coaching on Microlights Resource

Natioanl reference 

Who can train? 

Any Class Rating Instructor or Flight Instructor who has themselves completed differences training onto microlights 

Differences Training 
Training, including converting pilots to microlights, can be completed by those coaches who are competent on microlights. Coaches must register with the National Coach the fact that they are prepared to coach on microlights. 

Training the JAR-PPL holder to fly microlights: The student must complete differences training to the satisfaction of the instructor/coach. This must be signed off as having been completed by the CRI or FI in the student's log book. 

Training the NPPL (SSEA) holder to qualify for the NPPL (M): Instructors/Coaches may complete this training. The student will then be required to pass a General Skills Test and Oral Examination by a microlight examiner following completion of training. Embedded within PPL Flight Examiner priviliges is the entitlement to examine for the NPPL (M). 

Type Conversion, Strip Diploma, and other PCS courses 
All courses offered by the Pilot Coaching Scheme are available to microlight aircraft, whether on a LAA Permit to Fly or BMAA. 

Revalidation of Microlight Licences 

Microlight priviliges are automatically revalidated with SEP priviliges. 

The JAR-PPL holder may now apply to the CAA to add the Microlight class separately to his/her licence, but must then separately satisfy the revalidation requirements for that class. The benefit to this is that the JAR-PPL holder would then need only a NPPL medical declaration in order to fly microlights using this JAR licence. 

NPPL (Microlight) 

This is the latest change, and requires you to read and understand AIC 30/2008 White 146. All NPPL (Microlight) holders must revalidate their licences in the period 31 January 2008 to 30 June 2009. This is now completed by a flight with an instructor of at least one hour, plus the experience requirements as laid down in the AIC. Coaches may complete this flight as your CRI or FI rating has embedded priviliges as a microlight instructor. As Revalidation Examiners you may also complete the revalidation process. 

Your attention is drawn to the 'Notice to Examiners' on the NPPL website to clarify revalidation of SSEA and Microlight ratings within the NPPL. 

PPL (Microlight) 
These are still revalidated using the old '5 hours on that class in the last 13 months'. Beware, since these are not revalidated in the usual manner; logbooks are signed to certify revalidation by experience instead of licences. 

Procedures for Signing Licences for Revalidation 
All coaches are Revalidation Examiners. As such, you can sign applicant's licences upon completion of revalidation requirements. The Class Rating must not have expired in order to revalidate by experience. 

The process requires the examiner to: 

1. Check the applicant's logbook for the JAR-FCL requirements (as detailled in LASORS). 
Ensure that the 'one hour dual flight' has been countersigned by the FI/CRI who undertook it. 

2. Sign the applicant's licence at Ratings - Certificate of Revalidation, Form FCL150CJAR. 

3. Complete Form SRG\1119 LST/LPC and send to the National Coach. 

Note: Old style PPL (Microlight) require Certificate of Experience to be signed in the logbook, as per ANO Article 31A 

Ab-Initio on Microlights 

Coaches are not authorised to conduct ab-initio training on microlights. Whilst LAA Permit to Fly MICROLIGHT aircraft are permitted to be used for ab-initio training as detailled in the ANO, the coaching scheme does not presently conduct this training. 

Rights as Commander 

This Notice to Coaches is issued ahead of an article in Light Aviation which will advertise the fact that the PCS is available to Microlight owners on their aircraft. As is always the case, you retain the right to refuse coaching on any aircraft in which you are not completely comfortable acting as commander. 

Jon Cooke 
Pilot Coaching Scheme Chairman 
Light Aircraft Association