LAA Rally 2021
Other Attractions

The LAA Rally is the pre-eminent fly-in event in Europe, providing an opportunity to see all that is current in sport and recreational flying.

The Rally officially opens on Friday 3rd September at 9.30 am and closes at 4pm on Sunday 5th September.


* Dedicated Members-only Entrance Lane

* Aircraft Park - around 1,000 aircraft will fly in over the 3 days

* Airside access - a unique opportunity to inspect the aircraft and chat with the owners

* Special aircraft exhibits to celebrate LAA’s 75th Anniversary

* Large trade-exhibition: everything from a nut and bolt to an aircraft kit

* Homebuilders Tent: including aircraft building demonstrations

* Aircraft Covering Display

* Flea Market: Sell those unwanted parts or buy yourself a bargain!

* Speakers Corner: Seminars by keynote speakers throughout the weekend

* Special Guest Speaker - Hangar 2 - Saturday 7pm

* Strut members lounge

* Sywell Restaurant and Bar

* On-site campsite: Well serviced with hot showers

* Outside catering: Selection of fast-food and beverage outlets including seating area

* Sywell Aviation Museum - open Friday

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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