A copy of the AIC, aid memoire and SkyDemon app will be added nearer the time.


You will need to book a slot to fly in to the Rally. The slot system (run by Sywell Aerodrome) will not be open until nearer the time


Sywell is subject to Restricted Airspace (Temporary) throughout the three Rally period - Friday, Saturday, Sunday 3rd to 5th September 2021.



Further announcements will be made when the AIC is available and when the slot booking system will open.


Please note: Slot times are local time.


No arrivals are permitted between 15:00 and 17:59 on Friday and Saturday due to the density of departing traffic - these slots are therefore unavailable for booking.


Slots will be available on Thursday afternoon from 1400 to 1800 for those who wish to arrive prior to the official start of the event on Friday morning.


Detailed joining instructions and an illustrated arrivals and aerodrome guide will be available nearer the time.


The slot system is not an overly rigid system but is aimed at creating a safe and steady flow of traffic and providing AFIS with aircraft details. However, pilots are requested to try and adhere to their slots. If weather or unserviceability on the day affects your ability to use your slot, PLEASE CANCEL IT on line if possible, and telephone Sywell AFIS on 01604 801 630 to re-arrange a new slot.


All flights from outside the UK Mainland must submit a General Aviation Report either by email: tower@sywellaerodrome.co.uk or fax: (+44) 1604 499210) to Sywell Tower 12 hours in advance. This is to meet UK Customs and Immigration requirements.


Aircraft staying overnight - please display a large letter C on a sheet of paper to marshallers during taxying.


Disabled persons requiring special handling please display a large letter D on a sheet of paper to marshallers during taxying in order to gain assistance after parking.