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The LAA Educational Trust (LAAET) is the charitable arm of the LAA. It was set up to advance the education of the general public with regard to aviation, in particular the design and construction of aircraft, aircraft systems and the operation of light aircraft.

In undertaking this initiative we aim to generate interest and enthusiasm for aviation, especially among today’s young people who we hope will support UK aviation in years to come. As a members’ association, formed over 65 years ago, the LAA has always aimed to promote flying as a recreational pastime for all. Our members are some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic people you will find, and they like nothing better than to passing on their love of flying to younger generations.


Raising Funds for the Trust

There are so many deserving causes but now that the LAA Educational Trust is registered as a charity and once you have done your bit for some of the truly needy, perhaps you would like to think about supporting its work. The Educational Trust relies solely on donations and income from its Educational Courses, and clearly the work it is able to do is limited to the amount of income it is able to attract. Find out more about helping to raise funds here.


Current LAA Educational Trust initiatives

The ET is currently working on a range of initiatives including Flying Scholarships, Youth Air Experience Camps, Build a Plane Projects, and Preservation of our Aviation Heritage. Find out more about the ET’s current initiatives here.


Educational Trust Engineering Training Courses

The Trust has established a number of Engineering based Courses to assist potential aircraft owners and builders. Thos first steps into a new venture can be a worry, but ET Courses are designed to give hand-on experience in a wide range of subjects. The Courses are available to members and non members like and you can check out the latest program of subjects available here.


Links with Youth Educational Strut – YES

Youth Education Support (YES) is an active LAA group which undertakes a number of educational initiatives, including Build a Plane projects and aviation awareness projects with all age groups. You can find out more about their activities here.


YES have recently introduced a quarterly e-zine dedicated to educating young people about aviation. Find the latest copy here.


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