Pilot Coaching Scheme e-Learning for Pilots
Pilot Coaching Scheme e-Learning for Pilots

LAA Pilot Refresher interactive book


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As part of our commitment to providing quality innovative training to LAA pilots, I have compiled an interactive book to be used as a companion to your 'one hour with an instructor'. The LAA Pilot Refresher iBook is designed to provide LAA pilots with up-to-date information on recent changes and guidance on the content of your 'one hour flight with an instructor' flight.


This book has sections on flight planning, meteorology and navigation, pilot maintenance, licensing, and the 'one hour with an instructor'. It is designed to allow you to focus your study before your flight, and also to provide discussion items and areas for further study. Included are a few 'Did you know...?' questions, and scenarios to get you thinking.


If you have an Apple iPad or iMac with iBooks installed, you can download the file by clicking on the link below. On your iPad it will give you the option to 'Open in...'. Select this and open in iBooks.


Once you have this book installed onto your iPad or iMac, you will then be notified when the book is updated and given the option to update it.


This book is provided free of charge by the LAA Pilot Coaching Scheme to encourage all pilots to improve their knowledge and skills.


Jon Cooke
Pilot Coaching Scheme Chairman


Book available soon:


Pilot Refresher