Title:  BMAA Airworthiness Alert




02 March 2010

Dear Reality Escapade Owner,


Type Number 345, Reality Escapade


We have recently received a report from the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) which describes the failure of a Tailplane Lift Strut on a BMAA administered machine.  The BMAA have issued an Airworthiness Alert (dated 25th February 2010) and I have the pleasure of enclosing this document for your attention.


I hope that you would agree that this strut should form part of your pre-flight inspection; should you find any signs of distress in this component on your aircraft I would be pleased to hear from you about it.

Very best regards.


Yours sincerely,


Malcolm McBride,
Airworthiness Engineer.




BMAA Airworthiness Alert