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Pilot Coaching Scheme


The LAA is a CAA Declared Training Organisation (DTO).  Our enjoyment of flying, and the ability to share that with others, carries with it a responsibility to maintain good standards of flying and airmanship. The Pilot Coaching Scheme (PCS) provides coaches to assist with specific courses and any general training need.


The LAA has the Pilot Coaching Scheme - all Coaches are current CAA and Part 21-FCL certified Class Rating Instructors, Flight Instructors, or Flight Examiners. They’re also your trainer, confidante and mentor throughout the process of you learning to fly your aircraft.

Click on the button below to go to a map of all the LAA Coaches. You can find out their location, contact details, photograph and a short profile about them.

Most coaches are happy to travel reasonable distances to accommodate your needs.


Statistics show that for LAA aircraft, the transition of a pilot onto a new aircraft type is a frequent source of accidents, more so than the aircraft's initial test flying phase. The same is true of the first flight of any unfamiliar aircraft, whether it is a home-built, vintage, or microlight.


Most LAA coaches have completed all differences themselves applicable to LAA types, so they can provide your differences or familiarisation training - though naturally, before doing so, they may need the opportunity to fly the aircraft sufficiently to acquaint themselves with the individual model concerned.

The PCS offers Licence Revalidation & Renewals, Differences Training, Familiarisation Training, Type Conversions, Licence Migrations and much more!

Click the button below to find out what each of these means in detail.

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