FWR supplement sheets
FWR supplement sheets

In addition to the 'FWR-1' main permit revalidation form, some aircraft types have supplemental forms that also must be submitted as part of the annual permit revalidation.


The FWR-1 Supplements have a standardised format that should assist owners, Inspectors and LAA Engineering monitor any mandatory maintenance requirements. The form is in a MS Word format that can be filled in, saved and printed off or printed off and completed 'by hand', as required. Once completed, the Supplement should only require minimal updating each year at Permit to Fly revalidation time. An up-to-date copy of the Supplement should be submitted to LAA Engineering with the FWR-1 Permit to Fly revalidation application along with any other documentation detailed in the Supplement and TADS for the aircraft type.


Type FWR supp issue
870 Bulldog Rev 1 March 2018
950 Chipmunk Rev 4 March 2020
972 Yak-52 Rev 1 March 2020