Malcolm McBride


Safety Spot is a regular feature in Light Aviation, the LAA's monthly magazine which is free to all members. Safety Spot takes a close look at some of the Safety related events and incidents that have befallen members during the normal operation of their aircraft; and it does this using an informal and very readable style.


Though many of the issues relate to a specific aircraft type, the failure or problem is often generic, so there are lessons to be learned by owners and maintainers of all aircraft types.


Safety Spot reminds pilots and engineers that by sharing knowledge about problems encountered, everybody's safety is improved.


If you have details or concerns over an airworthiness issue on an LAA aircraft, Malcolm McBride, the LAA's Airworthiness Engineer, will be happy to discuss them with you. Contact him by email Malcolm McBride or by calling the office on 01280 846 786.


As a matter of course, Safety Spot is made available as a useful reference on the website and you can access past columns by year below:


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