Record and Inspect

RAF 2000 GTX-SE rudder cable failure - Chaffing

Jan 09

And The Winner is ...

Control failure - Aileron wind damage

Feb 09

Mystery of the Tipsy sunglasses

Spark plug failure

Mar 09

Making the Connection

VPM mast Cracking

Apr 09

Induction Hose

Undercarriage Warning System - Servicable tyres

May 09

Inspectors Seminar

Tips about Mogas - MCR-Sloshing compound contamination 1 - GT and Airmaster AP332 propeller problems

Jun 09

AVGAS and its effects on rotax aircraft engine

Mogas: the flip side - VPM M16 tandem trainer

Jul 09

Check, Check and Check again

The perils of flight tests - How things stack up - Jabiru control failures update - New lease of life for Leburg ignitions

Aug 09

The Case of the Expanding Hole

Rolls Royce Heritage Collection - Engineer in Zenair epiphany - Steve Sampson has a headset emergency - Pioneer 300 spar plates

Sep 09

Design Problems or Reporting Failures?

Pioneer 300 and Pioneer Hawk - Main spar update and undercarriage issues - Speedtwin ST2 propeller failure - Woodcomp SR3000 Propeller failure

Oct 09

This month we focus in detail on a particular accident which highlights the importance of following your Inspector's advice.

Nov 09

Zenair CH601XL - More Modifications

Extra EA230 undercarriage failure - Glasair 1RG - Van's flap drives

Dec 09