Engineering Fees

Project Registration
Kit Built Aircraft

Plans Built Aircraft

Initial Permit Issue
Up to 450 Kg

451 - 999 Kg

1000 Kg and above

Issue of a Permit to Test Fly
(Non-LAA approved design only)

Permit Renewal

Please note that Renewal fees can now be paid for via the online shop

Up to 450 Kg

451 - 999 Kg

1000 Kg and above

Factory-built gyroplanes (all weights)
(Note - if the last Permit renewal (revalidation) was not administered by the LAA an additional fee of £125 applies)

Modification and Repair Application

Futher information available on the Mods and Repairs page

Modification and Repair applications (except Repeat Modifications)
minimum £60
Hourly rate beyond 2 hours' work

Repeat modfication applications
minimum £30
Hourly rate beyond 1 hour's work

(note that Mod and Repair fees should be paid via the online shop)

Transfer from C of A to Permit to Fly OR CAA Permit to LAA Permit to Fly

Up to 450 Kg

451 - 999 Kg

1000 Kg and above

Four Seat Aircraft Manufacturers / Agents

Type Acceptance Fee

Project Registration Royalty

Category Change

Group A to Microlight

Microlight to Group A

Change of G-registration Fee

Issue of Permit documents following G-Reg change

Replacement Documents

Lost, stolen etc... (fee is per document)

Details on payment methods can be found here

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