Links & references
Links & references
CAA documents & links
Permit to Fly page

CAP 393: Air Navigation: The Order and the Regulations

CAP 403: Flying Displays and Special Events: A Guide to Safety and Administrative Arrangements

CAP 411: Light Aircraft Maintenance Schedule (LAMS) - Aeroplanes

CAP 413: Radiotelephony Manual
CAP 455: Airworthiness Notices (reference only - no longer updated)
CAP 476: Mandatory Aircraft Modifications & Inspections Summary (reference only - no longer updated, refer to CAP 747)
CAP 482: BCAR Section S - Microlight Design Requirements
CAP 523: Display of Nationality & Registration Marks on Aircraft
CAP 562: Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Information and Procedures (CAAIP)
CAP 643: BCAR Section T - Light Gyroplane Design Requirements
CAP 659: Amateur Built Aircraft: A Guide to Approval, Construction and Operation of Amateur Built Aircraft
CAP 661: Mandatory Permit Directives for Aircraft Operating on a Permit to Fly
Latest Mandatory Permit Directives
Proposed Mandatory Permit Directives
CAP 733: Permit to Fly Aircraft
CAP 747: Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness
CAP 804: Flight Crew Licensing: Mandatory Requirements, Policy and Guidance
CAP 1038: Check Flight Handbook
EASA documents
EASA AD listings (Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information)
EASA Safety Information listings (Non-Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information)
CS-VLA: Certification Specification - Very Light Aeroplanes
LAA TL 1.13 - Guide to CS-VLA
CS-LSA: Certification Specification - Light Sport Aeroplanes
CS-22: Certification Specification - Sailplanes and Powered Sailplanes
CS-23: Certification Specification - Normal, Utillity, Aerobatic and Commuter Aircraft
CS-E: Certification Specification - Engines
CS-P: Certification Specification - Propellers
FAA documents
AC 20-27G Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft
AC 43.13-1B Aircraft Inspection and Repair - Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices
AC 90-89A Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook
Standard repairs to Gliders (British Gliding Association)