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Air to Ground Radio Operator's Course


Member - £200, Non-Member - £220 (Additional fee of £45 to CAA for ROCC certificate)


Arrival 09:00 for 0920 start. Finish 17:00 (approx).

About the Course

Places are available on an air-to-ground radio operator’s course being offered at Popham Airfield, Coxford Down, Nr. Winchester, SO21 3BD. The course, hosted by experienced controller, CAA Examiner and LAA member Chris Thompson, will provide both the theoretical and practical training required to sit the examinations for the CAA Radio Operator's Certificate of Competence (ROCC) qualification required by operators of ground-based radio equipment at flying sites and events where an air-to-ground radio service is provided.

The course is in two parts. Day One is made up of the core training and radio procedures practice on simulated ground-to-air communications, leading to practice for the written and practical examination. Day Two will consist of the CAA written and practical examinations which will allow candidates to directly apply for the CAA ROCC Certificate.

Landing fees will be waivered for those attending the course and flying in.

Note 1 – The ROCC “Air Ground” Course assumes the student will have a basic understanding of airfield and light aircraft circuit procedures, hence a "pilot" background is best (but is not an essential pre-requisite under CAA guidelines).


Note 2 - The ROCC "Air/Ground" course should not be confused with the ROCC-OCS (Offshore Communication Service) which is required If you want to operate Aeronautical Radio to talk to helicopters from a superyacht/ship or offshore installation. This is not part of the LAA mandate.

Note 3 - This Course is to enable a person to operate a Ground Radio Station running AGCS (Air-Ground-Communication-Service) and not be confused with the FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operator Licence), which is required to operate the radio in an aircraft.

Your Instructor

Chris Thompson


25th & 26th May


Arrival 09:00 for 0920 start. Finish 17:00 (approx).


Two day course


Popham Airfield


Member - £200, Non-Member - £220 (Additional fee of £45 to CAA for ROCC certificate)


Telephone LAA on 01280 846 786 to check availability and/or book or e-mail.

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