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Permit Aircraft Electrics - Advanced Course


Member - £200, Non-Member - £220


Arrival 09:00. Finish 17:00.

About the Course

The Basics course covers simple DC theory and concentrates on the practical aspects of installing a basic permit aircraft electrical system. The course explains how to interpret a ‘typical’ permit aircraft electrical systems diagram and for every element, explains how to size, select and source components and then how to practically install them.

This Advanced course builds on the Basics course by providing more detail about component selection and options and the use of integrated power management systems within permit aircraft. The course takes the simple systems design introduced in the Basics course and explores options for creating more complex electrical systems including the use of dual and essential system bus bars. The course introduces fault tolerant design considerations, thus allowing attendees to consider safety and fault analysis in their own designs. As a tool for understanding this aspect of the course, it will take an introductory look into the requirements of electrical systems for those wishing to fly their aircraft under IFR.

What this course will try to do is:

  • Explain power generation and distribution options in a light aircraft

  • More advanced consisderations into component selection

  • Discuss circuit protection devices and systems

  • Explain failure modes and reliability issues

  • Introduce interference and EMC issues

  • Show correct grounding and screening techniques

  • Provide you with the knowledge to plan an installation and create the necessary documentation

  • Warn about the ‘gotcha’ areas and the things to look out for

What the course will not do is:

  • Turn you overnight into an expert

  • Enable you to fault find on an undocumented aircraft installation

  • Delve inside avionics boxes

It will be useful, but not essential, for people to have previously attended the Basic course. In order to make the best of this course, if you have not attended the basics course, you will need to understand basic DC theory; Ohms Law and the Power Law. Please note that this course is primarily a classroom based course, as you will already have the practical skills you need, which are covered in the basics course.

Your Instructor

Mark Castle-Smith


To be confirmed


Arrival 09:00. Finish 17:00.


One day course


LAA HQ, Turweston Aerodrome, NN13 5YD


Member - £200, Non-Member - £220


Telephone LAA on 01280 846 786 to check availability and/or book or e-mail.

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