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Flying into Popham

If you intend to fly into the LAA's Grass Roots Fly-in, you will need to book an arrival slot. The slot booking system is administered by Popham airfield via the Eventbrite booking site. Should you wish to fly-in on more than one day the slot will be required for each landing. The slot system (run by Popham Airfield) is now live.

Please note: Slot times are local time.

Please ensure that you have read and understood the Pilot Briefing Notes.

Fuel will be available via self service, card payment pumps located to the west of the Popham Clubhouse. Aircraft Requiring Fuel: Please display a large letter F on a sheet of paper to the marshallers when taxying for fuel.

No dogs are allowed airside.

Further airfield information can be found here

If weather or unserviceability on the day affects your ability to use your slot, PLEASE CANCEL IT.

International travel from Popham Airfield

From the 1st July 2021, new Customs controls will come into place across the UK for the Import and Export of goods. Popham Airfield has a “Certificate of Understanding” with Border Force that permits us to launch and receive flights to continental Europe, the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.


This will continue unchanged from the 1st July 2021, pilots will still need to complete general declarations and seek permissions as appropriate when filing flight plans.

The above is possible because Popham has declared to HMRC that Popham Airfield is not a designated point for the Import and Export of Goods. Anyone operating to or from Popham Airfield carrying goods that require import/export procedures must first clear customs at a designated airfield. Recreational flights where personal purchases have been made should be considered under the current rules.

Aircraft staying overnight
Please display a large letter C on a sheet of paper to marshallers during taxying.

Disabled persons requiring special handling
Please display a large letter D on a sheet of paper to marshallers during taxying in order to gain assistance after parking.

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