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Trophies & Awards

A number of prestigious Trophies and Awards are presented at the Fly-in, many celebrating the superbly built and restored aircraft that attend. If you would like to enter your aircraft for judging you can do so prior to the event or when you arrive. Judging takes place from 13:30 to 17:00 on the Saturday; therefore, all entries must be received by 13:00 on Saturday.


Awards are only made to the owners of the aircraft and it is the aircraft that is being judged for its workmanship.


Factory built aircraft less than 35 years old are not eligible.


You can complete and e-mail your entry form to : Penny Sharpe or post it to The Light Aircraft Association, Turweston Aerodrome, Nr Brackley, Northants, NN13 5YD. 


The judging team will ensure you are in all competitions for which you are eligible.


If you pre-register, please go to the judging stand (Booking In Tent) after you have parked to activate your entry since we will not assume that you are at Popham and thus you will not appear on the judges' marking sheets.

Links above to listing of the awards and the judging guidelines for information.


All pilots who wish their aircraft to be judged are asked to display to the marshallers the large J from the second page of the entry form.  They will direct you, if possible, to a convenient parking space .  Please leave the 'J' visible in the windscreen to help the judges find your aircraft.

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