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GAA Position on Electronic Conspicuity

29 Jan 2024

General Aviation Alliance Unveils Updated Electronic Conspicuity Position Paper - GAA recognises the importance of EC in collision avoidance

GAA Position on Electronic Conspicuity
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The General Aviation Alliance (GAA, is pleased to announce the release of its updated Electronic Conspicuity Position Paper, a comprehensive document outlining the organisation's stance on the integration and advancement of electronic conspicuity technologies for all UK aviation.


In response to the rapidly evolving landscape of aviation technology and the increasing need for enhanced safety measures, the GAA has undertaken a thorough review and revision of its Electronic Conspicuity policy. This updated position paper reflects the Alliance's commitment to fostering innovation, ensuring airspace safety, and promoting a collaborative approach for all UK aviation.


Key highlights of the updated Electronic Conspicuity Position Paper include:


1. Technology Integration: The GAA supports the widespread adoption and integration of electronic conspicuity technologies across all general aviation aircraft. The GAA recognises the potential of these advancements to significantly reduce the risk of mid-air collisions.


2. Standardisation and Interoperability: The GAA advocates for the establishment of industry-wide standards and protocols to ensure the seamless interoperability of electronic conspicuity systems. Standardisation will facilitate the integration of various technologies and contribute to a more cohesive and efficient airspace environment.


3. Government and Regulatory Engagement: The GAA encourages active engagement with regulatory bodies to promote the development of clear and practical regulations that support the safe and effective deployment of electronic conspicuity technologies. The GAA is already working collaboratively with government agencies to address regulatory challenges.


4. Research and Development Investment: To drive further innovation, the GAA encourages increased investment in research and development for electronic conspicuity technologies. The GAA believes that sustained efforts in this area will result in the development of more advanced and cost-effective solutions for all UK aviation.


The General Aviation Alliance invites stakeholders, industry partners, and the general public to review the updated Electronic Conspicuity Position Paper, which is available on the alliance's website


About the General Aviation Alliance

The GA Alliance is a group of organisations representing the interests of many in the UK GA industry.  The members of the GAA are:

  • British Balloon and Airship Club (BBAC)

  • British Gliding Association (BGA)

  • British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA)

  • British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA)

  • British Skydiving

  • Helicopter Club of Great Britain (HCGB)

  • Light Aircraft Association (LAA)

  • PPL/IR Europe - European Association of Instrument Rated Private Pilots

  • Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom (RAeC)

  • Airfield Operators Group (AOG)

The GAA coordinates about 72,000 subscription paying members of these bodies.

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